Arlington's Neighborhood Gym

471 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA



Why Exercise?

Medical Science tells us that regular aerobic exercise can extend life expectancy, ward off disease, help maintain a healthy weight and improve overall health.  Strength training can prevent injury, strengthen bones, improve posture, increase metabolism and aid in weight loss.

Beyond the physical benefits, regular exercise can ease depression and stress, give you more energy, and improve sleep patterns!

So come change your life with us!



6 Week Beginner's program to help you shape-up and lose weight. Included free with every membership. It begins with 2 weeks of calorie burning cardio, followed by 4 weeks of cardio and strenth work. Proven results for over 20 years!

Why Lift Weights?

FITNESS FIRST offers a full line of cardiovascular equipment including:


Cybex Arc Trainers

Upper and Lower Transporters

(Elliptical cross-trainer)

Rowing Ergometer

Bikes and Recumbent Bikes

Stairclimbers and Recumbent Stairclimbers


Exciting cardio classes, including:


Step and Basic Step

Zoomba ** Cardio Kick-boxing

Guts and Butts



Weight lifting can do more than give you increased strength - it can affect many different areas of you life and health:


Weight loss: Increasing your muscle mass will increase your calorie use, even at rest.

Injury prevention: Resistance training increases strength, coordination and flexibility, which can help prevent injuries.

Bone strength: Strength training can place moderate stress on your skeleton, helping to prevent complications as you age, including osteoporosis and related posture problems.

Confidence: Increases in strength can improve your quality of life, helping you do things that make life worthwhile, from carrying a child to playing sports with friends.

Looking Good: After age 25, you begin to lose up to half a pound of muscle every year.  Strength training combats this loss, keeping your body looking toned and youthful.